Why Adventure?


Three of the Best Reasons (of many)

Reason 1

Some context: We live in a rapidly changing world. Our great, great grandparents knew what their life was going to be like; what job they were going to do, how their hometown was going to look during their lifetime, and what technologies were going to be available. Our children on the other hand have no idea of any of these things. These uncertainties come at a time when our day to day experiences teach us less about being agile in changing circumstances. Adventure by its very nature helps us to develop a very relevant skillset to help us flourish in these times.

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Reason 2

Adventures do not have to be outside, however, they often are and they usually involve us becoming very acquainted with the environment we adventure in. This tends to lead us to becoming more attached to what is around us and builds a desire to steward it. The world currently needs stewards like never before! Throw in the fact that we are usually as present as a meditating monk when adventuring and we have a recipe for huge awareness of what is happening and what needs to be done. If this seems farfetched ask yourself why children are so passionate about protecting our planet.

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Reason 3

A lot of adventures require a suitable companion. Certainly we feel connected to those we have adventures with. When we share intense moments we learn to trust. At the very least we find a group of like minded people with whom we can have knowing conversations. People who understand the situations we have been in, the things we have seen, the emotions we have experienced, the values that drive us and the reasons we are motivated to do what we do. When we want to get things done, we know we can count on these people and that they can count on us. Put simply, we find our tribe.


And so that there is no confusion, our definition of adventure does not require risk of harm just a healthy amount of uncertainty.